Poetic Capsule 2022 - Start in from Scratch

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Opportunity 2022


Track listing

Intro Jingle, Construção, cover version by Jayrope, 2017. Intro, Impro 3, Suetszu, 2020.
“why is it so dark?”, Sound quote from the movie The Never Ending Story, Director Wolkgang Petersen,1984.
Excerpts from “First Steps”, Documentary Short Film, United Nations, Director Frederic House, 1947.
Excerpts from “Mineral Evolution and Ecology and the Co-evolution of Life and Rocks”, Lecture by Robert Hazen, Simons Foundation Lectures, March 11th, 2015.
Minor Breach,Tom Richards, Album Heavier Sideways, 2020
Elegancia Transparente, Naturboy Flako, album Ambitus of Beauty, 2020
Excerpts from World Youth Skills Day 2020, Virtual Dialogue With Youth Highlights, Generation Unlimited.
*“why don’t we begin”, Spoken words, user thatjeffcarter, freesound.org, 2014. A Strange Gratitude, Eivind Opsvik, Album A Thousand Ancestors, 2014.
Excerpts from Debate Noam Chomsky & Michel Foucault on Human Nature, Dutch Television, 1971.
Yeti, Set, Go, Polyrhythmics, Album Man From the Future, 2020.
Excerpts from Becoming the Best Version of Yourself, insights from Daniel Wahl, Consultant, Educator, Activist, SOIL Institute of Management, May 2020.
Nothing Really Blue, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Album Union Cafe, Erased Tapes 2017.
“it's always best to start at the beginning”, Sound quote from the movie The Wizard of Oz, Director Victor Fleming, 1945.
Excepts from Studio 2 Carl Sagan, Mary Hynes speaks with astronomer Carl Sagan about his book "Pale Blue Dot”, TVO Docs, 1995.
Danza Sin Fin, Chimi Jo, Album The Goden Hits, 2017.
Vuja De, Excerpt from Comedy Show Carlin on Campus,George Carlin, 1984.
Marisol, Rau Bonde & Mike Neumeyer, Album Five Short Works for Marimba & Guitar, 2014.
Excerpts from Radio Play Green Light, Old Time Radio Show, Encore Theater, June 25,1946.
Excerpts from AW17 Starting From Scratch, Poetry by Khalid Omari, Album Cogitation, 2018.
Yucatan jungle, Soundscape, Folk Art Films, freesound.org, 2011.
Black Drifts, Alabaster Deplume, Album Visit Croatia, 2020.
Cool Breeze, The Jeremy Spencer Band, Album Flee, 1979.
Clocks striking and chiming, Sound-effect excerpt from the movie The Time Machine, Director George Pal, 1960.
Excerpts from Documentary “Man: The Incredible Machine”, National Geographic Society, 1975, Internet Archive.
Time, Parallel Dance Ensemble, Album Possessions and Obsessions, 2011.
Gabriel Prokofiev, Peter Gregson - Cello Multitracks, Tim Exile Float Dance Remix, Album The Art of Remix, Gabriel Protokiev, 2014.
“another day to start all over again”, Sound quote from the movie The Last Man on Earth, Directors Ubaldo Ragona, Sidney Salkow, 1964.
Excerpts from Daniel Christian Wahl on Regenerative Design and Regenerative Development GE, Gaia Education, July 2017.
“the way to control your breathing”, Sound quote from the movie Shaolin vs. Lama, Director Tso Nam Lee, 1983.
Dalmatian, Patrick Lee, Album Meets The Evergreen Percussion Society, 2017.
“if you knew what it means to breathe this free air”, Sound quote from the movie A King in New York, Charles Chaplin, 1957.
“Where should we be if nobody tried to find out what lies beyond”, Sound quote from the movie Frankenstein, Director James Whale, 1931.
Destino, Lina_Raül Refree, Album Lina_Raül Refree, 2020.
“I don't know i guess we'll just have to evolve too”, Sound quote from the movie Jurassic Park, Director Steven Spielberg, 1993.
Excerpts from What is Regeneration, Re-Alliance, Five voices on Regenerative Design, 2019.
“but mankind won't be destroyed...”, Sound quote from the movie The Last Man on Earth, Directors Ubaldo Ragona, Sidney Salkow, 1964.
“do you understand if we stay together we survive”, Sound quote from the movie Gladiator, Director Ridley Scott, 2000.
Payaso, Natureboy Flako, Album Natureboy, 2015.
“i don't deny that there's some strange evolutionary...”, Sound quote from the movie The Last Man on Earth, Directors Ubaldo Ragona, Sidney Salkow, 1964.
Krig, Cassius Lambert, Album Symmetri, 2018.
Start Anew, video by Angelotje for X = Festival, Festival voor studenten en professionals in creative industrie, NL, 2017.
“do you know why i'm such a happy person...”, Sound quote from the movie Total Recall, Director Paul Verhoeven, 1990.
“united planets cruiser”, Sound quote from the movie Forbidden Planet, Director Fred M. Wilcox, 1956.
Excerpts from Interview “Zur Person”, Hannah Arendt im Gespräch mit Günter Gaus, Talk Show German Television, Episode aired 28th October, 1964.
“Now, it’s a very difficult job and the only way to get through it is we worK together...”, Sound quote from the movie The Italian Job, Director Peter Collinson, 1969.
Ansumana, Susso, Album Keira, 2016.

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