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This is a collaboration album of Suetszu and jayrope.
The light and depth of this is summery.
(Es un tríptico tambien.)

ComunSer is based to a good part on casual instrumental guitar miniatures written by Suetszu. Over the course of some years jayrope has listened to them in various states. The two met for work during late summer in Biesenthal, Germany, and so recorded miniatures, garnered with some new music and captured surroundings.

Here you have twice a picnic in a timeless setting, on a summer meadow, with food & drinks, field recorder & instruments.


The tracks contain the following miniatures:

Kleiner Tanz

Riding a three-legged horse
Th Bst

De Trés
Improvisation for the free naturlization of the system
Laguna (reprise)


Released November 11, 2020

Album credits

Written by Suetszu, co-written by jayrope.
Field recordings by jayrope.
Recorded live to two-track in Biesenthal, Germany, on September 12th & 15th 2020.
Mixed and mastered by Jane Is Ko at Echo Coordinate, Berlin.
Cover photography by Suetszu.
Graphic design by Ropinsky.
Produced by jayrope.

Thank you
Wokule, Lippstueck, Bob Drop, El Sol y éste Planetón

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